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How to Plant up a Hanging Basket


Hanging baskets are the easy solution for adding colour to your garden, as well as bringing beautiful
flowers to head height. Even if you don’t have a garden and you just have a balcony or house-front these baskets are perfect.

Once you buy your plug plants check the moisture of the rootballs. If dry, soak the plugs in water while you prepare the working area for creating your hanging basket display. 

Here’s how to plant up a perfect hanging basket for a lovely display:

Choose a dull, cloudy and cool dayhangingbasket1 (or morning or evening if sunny) to plant your hanging basket so that your plug plants are not subjected to scorching from the searing sun. Collect all the equipment you need together including the hanging basket, compost, plants and hanging chain.  





Half fill the hanging basket withhangingbasket2 a suitable compost such as Gro-sure Easy Container Compost. The compost mix is light, open and and contains a balanced mix of nutrients so roots can get all the nutrients they need and oxygen to the roots for healthy quick growth.





Massage out any large clumps of compost;hangingbasket3 this improves the soil texture and warms the compost. If your basket has side-openings place the young plants in these first around the basket; these plants will fill out around the side of the baskets. Try to handle the root-balls only and avoid pulling the stems of the young plants.





Add composthangingbasket4 into the gaps and place more compost over where you have planted the plugs for the sides of the basket. Place five to seven plugs around the edge of the basket and one in the centre. Fill compost into the gaps once again. Water the hanging basket thoroughly. In warm periods water morning and evenings. Avoid watering at midday when the sun may scorch the leaves and flowers.




Suggested additions to the compost for easy maintenance:

Make the job of plant-care easier for yourself by adding ingredients to the hanging basket compost to improve the soil’s water-holding capacity and nutrient-levels. 

Westland Water-Saving Gel - Specially formulated water-retaining gel for all your containers and hanging baskets. Hold 400 times its own weight in water and releases water to plant roots as required through the summer season.

Envii Chill Out - Hot weather can cause as much damage to plants as cold weather. Any extreme environment will stress plants and affect performance in flowering and fruiting. Easy-use bio-stimulant liquid formula you simply add to water. Reduces the effects of overheating in plants through high temperatures.

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